Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Devil Made Me Do It...

The poster said it was a New Year's Eve EVE party so that made your partying BEFORE all the amateur drinkers went at it Sunday night and DUIs start flying around in a blur of flashing blue light specials.

The new Home Team Bar-B-Que on Highway 61 has been mentioned by fellow bloggers and it was on my way to the Terrace to see The History Boys so checking out the pulled pork sandwich with 2 sides was logical. With a frosty cold beer.

The poster drew us back after the movie to hear my first Country Punk Rock band. They were from New Orleans, we were told, and they did play one fast-paced kinda Cajun Zydeco tune. Merely a tribute. But what about that flyer! Who could resist?

There were ample smoking areas - out front and out back - which left the inside with plenty of clean air. The restaurant portion was shut down by the time the movie was over and we returned and a neat rocking bar scene was going on. An early song reminded you to be careful what you wished for and the lead singer sang he wanted to be "locked overnight in a liquor store with you."

Tony, the Manager-who-books-the-music, assured me they indeed would be a venue for the upcoming February Blues Bash and rattled off some familiar names of performers he has already signed. "I'll have two surprises though and I'm not telling anyone yet," Tony added.

I plan to stop in again. Did I mention there's no smoking?

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At Fri Jan 05, 12:56:00 PM , Blogger Harriet said...

chuck, two questions. how was "the history boys"? and is the irish pub in n.chas. where the next meet-up is scheduled also smoke-free?



At Fri Jan 05, 01:10:00 PM , Blogger chucker said...

Oh yeah, go see The History Boys at the Terrace. As you know,it's adapted from the Broadway play with most of the same actors. Quite interesting.

The Madra Rua, as of Dec 1st, has proclaimed itself NO SMOKING... at least until the kitchen closes (about 9pm most evenings).

The new side (they expanded almost a year ago) was non-smoking so residual smoke there is not that bad.

I suggest we meet on the new side which has a Soccer Room that'll accommodate about 20 or so.

Come hungry. And thirsty. I will!


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