Thursday, October 19, 2006

... With 26,008 Close Personal Friends

On Friday the 13th, I was part of the writhing floor level crowd literally "inhaling" Wide Spread Panic at the N. Charleston Coliseum and Tuesday night I was seated comfortably in the 8th row enjoying Eric Clapton and his band in smoke-free Charlotte. Yikes, what a week.

Let me add quickly that at both concerts the rules stated quite clearly "no cameras or recording devices permitted" so I did NOT take my small digital camera. I was probably the ONLY person among 8,000 Charleston fans and 18,000 in Charlotte's Bobcat Arena who did NOT hold up a cell phone. Mine only makes phone calls.

I found the Clapton photo online but feel justified in using it because 1. Even though it was taken two cities before, everything looked the same, 2. The t-shirt cost $35! 3. The ticket price was about what I had paid here for a ticket for The Eagles.

I found some WSP photos online but they were too small to import and view.

The Robert Cray band opened for Clapton and Derek Trucks was lead guitar so the show was awesome. We all were in assigned seats but stood most of the show. When Clapton sat for a brief acoustic set, we all sat down too but were up again shortly.

A fellow fan who had been to five Clapton shows said he felt this was the best he had ever seen and heard. I agree...based on just this one live concert and my extensive CD blues collection.

The drive up I-26 was rainy most of the way, then foggy and wall-to-wall with fast-moving, lane-changing 18-wheelers. (And one 17-wheeler that had a missing rear inside wheel. I'd never seen that before).

Maybe Tuesday was Trucker Day?

November 1 Taj Mahal plays Charleston Music Hall so I'll be edging my way to the front.


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