Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Paris Hilton Update

A very popular celebration happens the end of this month and, whether or not you are religeous, if you like free candy, it's a great evening. Of course I am talking about Hallowe'en. And I mean the way it USED to be celebrated when I was growing up in downtown Charleston.

I have not recently seen a child holding a string and pulling a shoebox down the sidewalk with a lighted candle inside. The box had windows and designs cut out on the sides and tissue paper covered the openings. The flickering light shone through the shadows, dancing along the sidewalk as you were joined by other friends on Wentworth Street in Ansonborough, lighted shoeboxes trailing along behind. A crowd of 3 or 4 made quite a shimmering spectacle.

Shortly one of the children - usually a boy - would tip over his candle on purpose and pull the now blazing shoebox as it erupted into flames and quickly consumed itself. Then you went knocking on doors and begged for candy.

Hallowe'en was a neighborhood thing then not the car-pooling transporting around movement it has become. Now we see an invasion of strange cars and SUVs dropping children off in new areas as they go from door-to-door of people they don't know and hold open their Trick or Treat sack or pillowcases to accept candy, gum, fruit(?) and sometimes pennies.

My bank puts up posters and "gets in the mood" each year which looks strange when someone visits the customer service rep for some investment or banking advice.

Oh, I went online to refresh my memory of what the Hilton looked like when I stayed there in Paris. The lobby seems the same but they have refurbished the rooms and the suites feature a balcony view of the Eiffel Tower next door. Yes, my memories of the Paris Hilton are still treasured.


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