Sunday, May 27, 2018

Ready for another adventure in the sky?

 Well, when you DO get to San Diego, one of the must-see sights is the world-famed Zoo.

This image evokes thoughts of Monday Morning.

But, we were talking about yet another airline incident that is now firmly lodged in my memory bank.

I flew out of Charleston on United Air Lines with a planned 3-hour layover in Houston.

Thought of using Uber to leave my car at home and go the 5 miles or so to the airport but gave Yellow Cab another chance and was well pleased. It has added many Uber-like features and I could see the blip moving on my phone screen as it moved closer to me. I knew the make of car and even the driver's name. Cool

So I am on my United flight, seated on the aisle, about mid-plane and the two seats next to me are empty.

Looking good for my flight to my stop in Houston.

In fact, the seats remain empty as we take off and I relax, the first leg of my trip has started happily.

Next stop in a few hours will be Houston where I can use my United Club day pass to while away three hours there away from the crowds and perhaps even have a delicious free snack.

Hey, not too shabby.  

I was there for a breakfast of hot coffee, several small sweet rolls, some fresh sliced fruit and a yogurt parfait.

Well, two of the yogurts, because they are healthy. And free.

My relaxing United Club break got even better: I watched the staff take down the morning goodies and set up luncheon tasty fare. 

I was there for two meals!

My luck did not hold as I boarded for the continuation of the rest of the flight to San Diego, first destination on my almost two weeks on vacation.

Again, the two seats were empty on my left as I stretched out in my aisle seat.

I had my fingers crossed, waiting to hear that the door had been secured... when a lady carrying a crying baby came down the aisle and stopped.

I stood, stepped out of the way and she, the baby and its several bags of supplies, settled into the two empty seats.

Hey, not really a problem, I had my trusty earplugs and a very nice sleep mask.

But then the flight attendant asked if the middle seat was occupied and another lady sat to assist with the baby. Not a mother to her daughter, just two ladies traveling alone who sensed some help would be appreciated.

Earplugs in and mask in place, I could still hear the baby as we took off and air pressure caused the young one some inner ear pain.  There was a rustle of activity as a bottle was sought - and found - and the baby soon quieted. I started to relax.

Until the vomiting started. Oh boy.

Projectile vomit by the baby that I tried to dodge within the confines of my seat and my still-fastened safety belt. 
I was fairly successful in avoiding liquid impact but the mom and the helpful lady were not so lucky. 
I unbuckled and stood in the aisle as many diapers were being used to sop up the milky mess.

I edged out of the way to let the drink cart ease past me and I saw a sympathetic look from the flight attendant

Soon, order was restored,  I was re-seated and the attendant tapped my shoulder and asked if I would like a box lunch. I started to say no thanks and she added it was free to atone for the mess I had just shared.

I said "Sure, thank you and could I also have a whiskey and water?"

I opened the box marked Hummus and saw an array of items, and laid them out next to my drink.

As I went through all the food, I offered some to the ladies, the mom holding the now sleeping baby.

We all had a taste or two and I felt good sharing my unexpected largesse.

The best part was, just before we were landing in San Diego, the baby awoke, refreshed and in a good mood. I snapped a pic.

The mother and her new-found friend both admired the photo and we exchanged email addresses so I could send it along as the happy ending of a soggy sudden surprise.

(Click on the photos and links for more details.)

These days, flying and having an empty seat next to you is a luxury.

Sometimes it happens and that's a good thing.

Other times, all hell can break loose at 30,000 feet.

At least with this incident, I did not have to swab my clothes to remove stains.

And a mother has a cute photo to show her husband.

Seat selection is NOT a science.

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