Sunday, September 27, 2015

Oh, Happy Day.....

Saw this online and it made me chuckle.

Actually, had not heard before that August 19th has been the designated day to salute this art form.

Apparently for quite a few years.

Giving credit to "someecards" because that's who posted it.

Years ago - yikes, 12 years - I put aside my 35mm film cameras and embraced digital photography.

And, never looked back.

Opted for a small fit-in-your-pocket point and shoot Canon camera and have been amazed how much they have been improved.

Actually wore out two of them. About 3 years of my heavy usage and they tend to get "tired" and I look for a newer model.

My Canon sx260HS brought back my joy of having a serious zoom lens again.

This beauty, a bit thicker than a pack of cigarettes or a deck of cards, offered me the "bonus" of a sharp 25mm to 500 mm zoom.

And no carrying around extra lenses or having to change out various individual "prime" ones.

It hung in a convenient small packet on my belt so I usually had it with me. But, as I said, it developed a problem ( a disquieting grinding noise) when the zoom would extend or retract, causing the camera to shut down.

I "limped" through a trip to New York City and several days in Quebec City, re-booting it after it shut down so I could get a few more shots before it stopped again. Grrr.

My Mom had saved one of my early film cameras, back when I was in Middle (Grammar) School, and people ask about the Kodak Duoflex II when they see it on my bookshelf.

Next to it I placed an unusual "camera" that really is a funky pencil sharpener. Hey, I am NOT known as a dour, serious guy.

But, back to my Canon pocket-size camera.

Repairs on the Canon sx260 would not have made much sense. I had paid only $189 and it was no longer even being made.

I went online and saw most of the current models lacked features I liked and was used to. So I checked out the Canon sx289.

Bingo! Canon had stopped making them in 2013 but I could get a brand new one for $209!

Now I see there are Nikon cameras with a 30x zoom, about the same size, for $300.

BUT, none of my collection of batteries and chargers would work.

I would have to start over if I switched to "the other brand" from my trusty Canon. Not going to do that right now.

Have marked my Google Calendar to make sure I observe  World Photography Day next August 19th.

(Click on the photos and links for more details.) Thanks for stopping by. Please visit often and send me some comments. Love to get them!

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At Fri Oct 02, 12:14:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I maintain that the real reason I have yet to take a selfie is that no cell phone camera has a wide angle lens capable of such a task. (Cathy)


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