Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Shhhh. it's a secret.....

First of all, because of the secrecy, these pictures probably will have nothing to do with the topic.

Not even these recent North Charleston photos.

Right after this, I headed for a Subway Sandwich Shop. Burp.

These just happen to be some I took at Riverfront park and have not used in a blog yet.

So, do not try to imagine that that Cooper River park is part of this.

Nor is the secret as huge as a Navy sub secret.

The government and the armed forces certainly hide things from the general public. And from each other.

This picture merely shows the propulsion end of a nuclear submarine.

You saw this "cavitation" demonstrated in the movie The Hunt For Red October, a film inspired by the Tom Clancy Jack Ryan, book 3 in the series.

Nope, science is not what the secret topic is about.

I'm finding this is frustrating, tip-toeing around and not being my usual straight forward person.

It was explained to me that violating this secret could have serious consequences.That would never be my intent.

Speaking of the military, this picture was taken at Old Navy in the Tanger Outlet shops.

Walking by, this image caught my eye but I never really had a chance to use the snap of these nude mannequins in a blog.

Well, up 'til now.

The secret has nothing to do with these buff dummies.

Nor with these outlet stores that apparently are set up in destinations about 75 miles apart.

No closer.  Not 50 and not 100 miles apart. Well, maybe between here and Savannah?

Tourists like to shop while on vacation and Tanger is pleased to provide that opportunity.

Yikes, this food reference shot is creeping closer to the secret I'm trying to write about without being specific.

*Note: this was taken inside a restaurant on Rivers Avenue and I reversed the shot so the sign could be read easily.

If it had been painted this way, passers-by would be very confused.


I had a similar problem when I was traveling overseas and unable to read Czech or Hungarian signs.

OK, I can't keep dancing around this.

The beer sign indicates another part of the secrecy dilemma I have.

Suffice to say I had two days of fun. A lot of waiting around but among interesting people.

And some great meals.

A hint: Adam Sandler was NOT involved this time.

There, that's it.

No more shielded comments.

(Click on the links and photos for more details.)

OK, share my happiness...

I got to be an Extra again. Shhhh!

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