Friday, August 28, 2015

The new "Grand Bohemian" 1

Oh yeah, I liked the look as soon as I entered and headed toward the check-in reception area at the Grand Bohemian Charleston hotel.

Touring on the evening of Day One is a good way to see how all the previous behind-the-scenes training has paid off

Friendly, efficient and knowledgeable sums up the employees I met.

The Post and Courier ran a nice piece the day before and I attach it here.
I was merely a citizen who recalled it had opened, was in the area and decided to stop in and look around.

Well, I also had my camera with me so I looked maybe a little closer than most.

Right near the entrance is an enticing, well-appointed  32-tap wine tasting room where you can use a credit card to draw some samples.

I did some similar tasting at Bay Street Biergarten a few months ago but that was sampling an array of beers, not fine wines.

Had a seat at the 4th floor (Penthouse) bar and looked out over the √Člev√© restaurant where the theme is French-meets-Charleston. 

Sampled a bar serving of three fish tacos and was well satisfied with the taste, the freshness and the "crunch."

Stepped out to the deck to see this new view of the Historic District.

Colorful, and designed for ease and comfort, I will be sure to come back for a daytime view.

Don't know what you call that very large round couch with throw pillows, but it sure looks comfortable.

In addition to a wide spectrum of paintings featured in the guest rooms and public areas, there is an actual Grand Bohemian Gallery.

It will be open, not only to the hotel guests, but also the general public. 

Hey, the Holy City has proudly featured such displays of art for years. 

A nice touch, which was pointed out while I was looking at a sample guest room, is a Bose sound system in each room.

The included CD album, "Bohemian Beats,"
features music personally selected by Richard Kessler, CEO of The Kessler Collection, owner of the new $30 million, 50-room boutique property.

Music from that same CD is heard, softly playing in the background, in the public areas of the hotel.

This was related to me by the delightful lady from the Reception desk who had keyed me in to see a Standard King room.

She, and several other staffers that night, proudly described the window drapes in each room that show an image of a Philip Simmons crafted ironwork fence and gate.

Most guest rooms face out on either Meeting Street or Wentworth Street. Inner rooms view a sunny atrium area, planted with real grass and lighted at night with fanciful illumination.

I was told that large sculptures soon will be added.

Hey, this was all on display on the first day of having guests in the house.

I have worked in hotels during my checkered career and salute the careful preparedness that was evident on Opening Day.

(Click on the photos - and links - for more details).

Thanks for taking a stroll with me and popping into Charleston's newest boutique property.

More good news..the bar does NOT serve Bud light or any "lite" beers. !

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