Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Blues Has Come Home Team BBQ

Home Team BBQ - West Ashley and out at Sullivan's Island - is filling the musical gap for The Blues.

Thank you Fiery Ron.

The lighting is terrible in both places (for a photographer) but the sound is fantastic.

And you're there to listen.

Or, it appears, some just are there to take "selfies," but that's not the type of photography I mean.

I'm there to catch a good, representative picture of the performers.

Some nights are better than others. I've just had a nice run. Take Mac Arnold and his Plate Full Of Blues.

I can't really fault the stage lighting this time - he kept his distinctive  trademark black cowboy hat on all night.

But if you're patient - and don't get jostled too much by energetic dancers - you get at least a glimpse of this legendary Blues man's face.

I didn't remember, or probably never knew,  Mac is a local South Carolinian.

Or, as he pronounces it Cackalacky. 

He invited us all up to his hometown of Greenville April 23-25 for his 9th annual Cornbread and Collard Greens Blues Festival at his restaurant.

I'm sure the menu touts his BLUE(S) Plate Special.

Saw lots of familiar fans of the Blues last night. A few even ventured out onto the dance floor.

I tend to sit back - camera in hand - to observe and try to catch that special shot. 


Nope, I try not to ever pop that distracting bright light. 

I work with whatever the club's sound & lighting guy has provided.

Another Blues-Man-In-A-Hat recently here was Brandon Santini who hadn't played Charleston in about 5 years.

Ever since Shrimp City Slim cancelled his two-week February annual Blues Bash after a long, long 21 year run last year, a few others have tried to bring in Blues legends.

It's very much alive in the Holy City and Fiery Ron's Home Team two clubs have been very very good for the Blues.

Understand there will be a third Home Team soon and that will benefit players who can work "the local circuit" for several nights. 

Back when I still worked for the Post and Courier, promoting InfoLine, I was in contact with more than 100 LOCAL musical groups. 

Many were singles, but there also were duos and trios. 

Santini appeared with similar lighting at Home Team a few weeks ago and last week, the Sullivan's Island stage featured Sean Chambers.

So, once in a while, the player's face will catch some  stage lighting and I can capture something moody.

(Click on the photos for more detail.)

I also shoot color under adverse lighting conditions but The Blues really lends itself to black & white.

Sit back, have a beer and enjoy.

Be blue.

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At Thu Mar 05, 07:55:00 PM , Blogger Carey Mickelson said...

Hi, Chuck!

Just spotted your group and am interested in making the transition from SLR to DLSR.

Was intrigued to see your experience with a hitch in the Corps.

I'm a defense contractor here in N. Charlestion. I work for a small consulting firm. I just so happen to support the Marine Air Ground Task Force Combat Operations Center (MAGTF COC). It's very rewarding and a nice change from putting money in some company's pocket.

(USAF vet)

I'll certain make every effort to attend your next meeting.

Semper fidelis,
Carey Mickelson

At Sun Mar 08, 09:14:00 AM , Blogger Ian May said...

I sure as heck miss Ron's Home Team, and the music looks as good as ever!

At Fri Oct 11, 01:43:00 AM , Blogger Humaun Kabir said...

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