Saturday, July 03, 2021


 So, recently I had a reason to wear dress suit pants for several days in a row and thought "How can I make myself more comfortable?"

Like many others, I have what is unofficially called COVID-12/15 which refers to the weight one gained while doing many, many months of personal home lockdown, and ...I had put on at least 12 pounds.

I was required to wear "sorta tight around the waist" dressy pants for many days in a row for some Extra/BG actor work I was doing for a tv series filming here. The full suit was not required so the coat - that also shrunk in the closet - was not a factor. Thank goodness.

I tried using a new, larger belt but, as the day wore on during filming standing On Set, my pants would droop below my "slightly" expanded belly and I was having to reposition them back up so the cuffs did not drag. Not a constant battle but a recurring adjustment that was a distraction and a concern to me as we worked before the cameras. Doubt anybody else even noticed but I tried to think of a correction.

"Oh yeah, I recalled!" I had worn suspenders 15 years ago when I worked at the Post and Courier. 

But, rummaging around for those problem-solving alternatives, I could not find them. Bummer. 

Hmm, off to a store to find them and buy me some. Not surprisingly the young Wal-Mart staffers were confused about what I was seeking, and eventually, a supervisor used a walkie-talkie to find they did not carry them.

Needing more likely options, I headed to Tanger Outlets with its 50 or so stores. The young staff at Old Navy had no idea what I wanted so I stopped for a coupon booklet at the office and asked the young lady there where I might find suspenders? 

She was baffled until I explained my need to keep my pants up without wearing a belt, and she wisely suggested I try the Brooks Brothers outlet store. 

It was not right next door but I found it, entered and an older salesman met me and asked how he could help me? He smiled when I said I need some suspenders,   "Suspenders or braces?"

Oh, I recalled hearing them called that before, probably in a British movie, but asked "what's the difference?"

He said "braces attach to buttons sewn inside the waistband of your trousers.  Suspenders have strong metal clips to fasten where needed." Of course, that made sense. 

"But, he continued, unfortunately, we have neither."

Stymied, I headed home, went online to My and I chose the Braces because my suit pants HAD the necessary waistband buttons. They arrived the next day.

End of the sagging problem ON SET!