Friday, September 18, 2020

Grass spreads at its own pace...

If the grass in my yard grew as fast as my hair, the bare spots would be covered by now!

But, I still am digging up patches of grass - roots, dirt and all - and re-planting them where I want grass. 

I was hoping the tendrils that reach out would speed things along, but Mother Nature sets her own pace. I am patient though and will continue to do plug-ins for a while longer.

***Just found out that, after 14 years of using Blogger for my 1100 postings, It has cancelled the "old way" and either they will have a new layout or I will have to switch..probably to Word Press. 

Unable to easily create new postings, fine tune my blog, go back and correct things,  so am VERY glad I have ALL of my blogs in 6 volumes, hardcover, expertly created by Blog2Print. Yay!

Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Boy, it's another hot one!

Just finished my hour on the machines downstairs. I'll rest a bit until Friday...3 exercise sessions per week on M/W/F.

I have 3 oscillating fans and a huge shop fan moving a LOT of warm air. About 80+ degrees downstairs so I also sweat off weight.

My dad never installed AC even after he doubled the size of the house.  

But, he also never saw the upstairs expansion finished out either. 

Years before, during a visit up from Tallahassee, I put a window unit in the kitchen and another one in their bedroom.

Ornery cuss that he was, rather than toss and turn and complain about "being cold," he started sleeping in the second bedroom! Mom had no comments on that change!

When he went into a nursing home, Mom asked if I would move in as her roommate because she did not want to stay there alone.
I agreed and one of the first things we did was split the cost of installing central HVAC. 

We also had a contractor finish my side of the house into a neat bachelor pad. 

We were roommates for 10 years before she went into the same nursing home where she used to visit dad.

In her will, she left me the house, after informing my two brothers of her intention. They were in Florida and Oklahoma and quickly agreed I was here and able to help her stay in her home for a decade.

I had noticed she had a chair and a small table on the landing of the stairs outside the kitchen. 

She liked to relax out there when it wasn't too hot.

Hey, now there were TWO of us to sit out there so I had the stairs removed, a deck built, and had ceilings fans installed to cool her.

She loved the deck and would have REALLY enjoyed the added screen porch enclosure.

No bugs.

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Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Making choices during pandemic...

Feeling better now that the big box stores are clamping down on enforcing the Wear A Mask rules.

Still feeling more comfortable at COSTCO than at Sam's Club.

Uh, Wal-Mart...not so much.

I am older, have been hunkering down at home for MONTHS but have to venture out now that I have been emptying my freezer. Need to refill it a bit

I DID pause a moment just to make sure I saw the price correctly for two  New York steaks at COSTCO...$130!

Yeah, I had heard of expensive "Kobe Beef" made from pampered grass-fed critters but, never been to Japan so had not tasted that treat. Still have not!

I opened the freezer door, stuck in my phone cam and snapped a shot before my lens fogged.

Coming back to my senses, I bought TWO pepperoni pizzas for $12 and the first one looked great, was tasty and very affordable. The second one has found a place in my freezer.

Oh, here's an update on the fine screen porch enclosure I had assembled on part of the deck on the back of my house.

I enjoy sitting out there, bug-free, reading or just nodding off beneath the cooling ceiling fan.

The cat loves to be "outside" too. after almost a decade of being an inside cat.

Now she goes to the door first thing in the morning, sits there staring at the closed French door.

I am doing other things but eventually, I see here stationed there, give in and crack open the door.

She does NOT contribute to the cost of air conditioning but my feline friend provides me company in these lonely days, weeks, and months of coping safely with Covid-19.

She's a cool cat!

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