Monday, July 06, 2020

Um, Take My Camera and head Downtown?

 So, on Tuesday evening the Mayor of Charleston - and the entire City Council - were unanimous in agreeing it was time to take down the 124-year old statue of John C. Calhoun.

Way to go guys...the statue has glared down from atop its lofty monument in the premier city park - Marion Square - for more than a century.

All of the citizens had to "look up at him."

The former 7th Vice President of the United States under two Presidents and a steadfast believer, owner and promoter of slavery, died in 1850.

He was dead before the Civil War erupted after he had encouraged the sanctity of States Right, of Nullification and missed seeing S.C.'s secession from the Union that he so very actively promoted.

He DID put up quite a battle as it took 17-hours to cut the bonds that held him
aloft and he was quickly lowered to the ground, tossed on a truck and hauled away.

The small crowd that watched this dramatic end was quiet and peaceful.

This was a block away from the Mother Emanual Church where 9 Blacks were gunned down by a young white supremacist, almost exactly 5 years before.

Rather than heading down to Marion Square, I watched the news coverage, snapped a few screen-saves and think I have a good overview of what went on down there.

I did dig around in my files and found a photo of me as a 4-year old, with my older brother, about 9, posed with the Calhoun monument behind us. This was about 1944.

We were living on Society Street then about 4-5 blocks away.... probably on a Sunday walk with our Mom.

Looking at the photos - and knowing my brother was 5 years older - I realize he really was SHORT!

I remember when I was about 11, a growing spurt shot me up taller, and then he was my older brother, not my taller Bro!

He died a few years ago and my younger brother and I flew to Cheyenne, Wyoming where he lived and we were bedside when he passed.

We both were glad he knew we were there.

Our Mom lived to be 96 so it appears I am in a pretty good gene pool.

Thanks for stopping by. Click on the photos for more details.

Oh, this is probably my FIRST blog posting where NONE of the photos is by me!

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