Monday, December 16, 2019

More new stuff for the holidays..

OK, this not exactly "holiday-themed" but saw this as I parked and I snapped it through the windshield.

I did not want to interfere with this family scene but wanted to share the obvious....the picnic table is secured to the tree with a steel cable.

The dog is lapping up water from a bowl as its family has an outdoor meal.

The youngster is linked to the dog with a serious-size rope.

I just hope a cat - or a squirrel - doesn't dart by and the dog takes off chasing it!

 OK, here's the seasonal stuff..
starting with a party at a private home that requested an unwrapped gift be brought to be contributed to the Marine Corps TOYS FOR TOTS program.

Makes you feel good to be part of that!

(Yes, there is a wrapped present sitting there because I missed the part about UNwrapped.)

The company was great, the food was lavish and well-presented in a beautiful holiday setting.

AND, I got to meet Santa!

He mentioned my beard, I saluted his.

Santa commented that he has seen many, many crazy Chrismas sweaters but had not seen a holiday hoodie before.

He added: "I and my sleigh appear to be upside-down in the images." I had not noticed when I glanced down.

He chuckled that people still leave out cookies and milk for him as he makes his annual merry round.

"The cookies keep me fat and, really, how about maybe a beer and some pretzels once in a while!"

Santa wandered off at the party to check out the refreshments.

He smiled and nodded his approval.

"Milk is very good for the little boys and girls but this looks more like what I need on that longest night of the year when I make my deliveries."

Uh oh, hope old St. Nick doesn't get hit with a DUI!

On the holiday music scene, it doesn't get much better than the weekly Blues Jam every Sunday night nearby at Smokey's Place.

It's only a few blocks from my house but I had not been there in years.

Back then it had indeed been smoky inside (cough, wheeze, cough) and was actually more of a sports bar.

So glad I stopped in one Sunday night, hearing the Blues as I approached.

Inside the smoke-free room, I saw a banner that proclaimed this was the official home of the Lowcountry Blues Club.

I had joined the club years ago when it met for jams at Fiery Ron's Home Team BBQ in West Ashley.

But that Home Team stopped its music program quite a while back. Now I see the Blues Music had moved here 6 years ago!

The usual Sunday hours are 5 pm to 9 pm but check the hours over the holidays.

Next Sunday, for example, the music is earlier because the place has to clear out for the restaurant to hold its annual private staff Chrismas party.

Also, in the spirit of the season, check out the Belmond Charleston Place
 extravagant model train Village set up in the lobby between the main staircases, beneath the huge chandelier.

This link does not show the video I shot. Hmmm, have to figure out how to edit and post my videos.
Take the kids or go by yourself. The Train Village improves and gets bigger every year!

Ok, let's take a breather. Gotta get ready for more holiday activities to enjoy...and post about.

You know the way I do on the links and the photos for more details.

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