Sunday, July 21, 2019

An Observation....

Apparently, this is how a family these modern days can all get together for a downtown Saturday Brunch without pesky interruptions from a child.

I assume he was with the others at the table.

However, his folks could have departed and he was left behind.

He would not know until the battery on his Smartphone needed charging.

I mean, people nowadays have to be reminded to look in the back seat when getting out of the car to make sure a dog - or God forbid - a child -  is not left sweltering in a locked car at the Mall.

It's almost a certain death sentence this time of year!

I did not realize such thoughtless and dangerous abandonment was epidemic until I started to push
open a door recently to enter Citadel Mall.

Not the expected "Thank you for shopping at the Mall!" but a reminder to look at your hands to see if they are holding onto your small child.

Or count how many children are with you in case one was late getting out of his or her car seat and now was locked in the quickly warming car.

If so, maybe a more observant adult would see the child trying to escape and somehow summon help or simply smash the car window.

 Seems to be in the news very often these days.

Child and/or pet rescued from steaming car by an alert passerby. Yay!

As I said, just an observation on how things seem to be happening these days.

Stay cool and BE cool.

I have been remiss in writing about a LOT of music and comedy I have enjoyed recently.

This posting is a reminder we live in perilous times if we don't pay attention.

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Thursday, July 11, 2019

It was a hard day's night....

OK, last night was a lot easier than the night before.

I did not win in either team competition, but it was a lot less strenuous!

Tuesday involved heavy balls and having to wear tri-colored shoes, personally autographed by someone named Ashley.

Her last name was Lanes..sort of like Lois Lane, Clark Kent's main squeeze, but very different.

Wednesday night I remained seated the whole time, fingers crossed that my number was up.... over and over, for hours.

Well, once I got up and asked a cute young lady behind the bar for a beer and I gave her fifty dollars...... 

....Then I waited for my change and went back to my seat at the 8-person team table.

Well, technically, 7.5 because one gent had brought his 5-year old son. Apparently, it was his night to babysit his he tagged along at the Frothy Beard Craft Brewery BINGO Night.

Neither the 5-year old - nor I - won a game (he was not allowed to actually play) but he did point out I had not covered a number on my card that had been called. Thanks, Kid. The youngster paid more attention that I.

Those two left early (the dad said he did not drink when his son was with him) and the six of us played on.

A team lady on my left screeched BINGO and my hearing slowly came back as the caller came over to verify it was an actual win. 

The final game of the night required that all spaces had to be covered and the room quieted as the numbers being called dwindled. I needed only three..when another team lady announced she had all the numbers covered!

Glad that the youngster was no longer there with us as the room erupted with all sorts of obscene taunts! She was the one who only had shouted BINGO, the rest were other 5-letter words and even a few 4-letter ones!

I had nursed my four 4ozs "flight" of four different brews. I gave the team a hug or a handshake and headed home, not nearly as tired as from the bowling alley at Ashley Lanes the night before.

Thanks for re-visiting a few places with me. We ought to do that more often! What I mean, is I should be posting more often. And, I will.

You know the drill by now, click on the links and photos for more details. 

Be careful and stay out of dark alleys and avoid being in the gutter.

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