Thursday, June 20, 2019

When is water "heavy?"

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It has been a month since I have posted on my blog so let's start with a very recent winning moment

By recent, I mean last night in a North Charleston neighborhood bar, playing TRIVIA with a team of young people.

My being older means I have experienced more stuff and - fortunately -  was able to recall arcane facts.

The greatest moment was when a query was "what is it called when an isotope of hydrogen is replaced by one with more neutrons?"

For some reason, I recalled it was called 'heavy water" and was used as a moderator in nuclear reactors.

A collective "Huh?" went around the room as nine other teams scratched their collective heads while my team jotted down my answer and took it to Nick Buchholz, host of Team Trivia of Charleston.

Another good use of my aged memory was related to my coverage of the Charles Manson trial for CBS Television News as a Researcher for four months.

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At first, the name Lynette Fromme did not ring a bell when it was asked "who did she attempt to assassinate in 1975?"

Ah yes, now I remember.

Her nickname was "Squeaky" Fromme and she was one of the girls in the Manson Family.

She had tried to shoot President Gerald Ford.

Cha-ching! Another scoop for us in the room.

(I used to put on my resume that I had spent four months with Manson. It usually got me at least a query to explain that connection.)

At the halfway point in the Trivia contest, we placed a dismal 10th in a field of 10. Hmmm.

My answers above happened in the second half and made a difference as we surged to be in First Place and win $50. Yay!

As usual, the bar divvied up the award for all five of us with a statement it could NOT be used that night.

In fact, the signed  "receipt " from partner Glen Jeansonne, of Neighborhood Tap House, states I need to pop back in for a free craft beer before the 4th of July.

So, here is a long-overdue posting to get me back on my blog again.

Thanks for playing along with my Trivia experience.

Click on the photos and links for more details.

Stay tuned for a recap of some comedy and music shows I've seen.

As well as a mystery theater, Black Fedora, on Church Street, where I was a volunteer participant with a small role and a  printed script.

It's good to come back as a winner!

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