Sunday, April 21, 2019

We'll always have Paris.....

I was saddened when I saw coverage of the beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral burning.

To have been inside a few years ago, while a choir was practicing, was awesome.

The lilting voices echoing around the huge interior was memorable!

My camera and I had captured the church's classic exterior from front to back, on all sides and the soaring buttresses.

But the real catch-your-breath moment was when you entered through the massive front doors and were bathed in the soft glowing pastel colors of the stained glass windows.

Here was a House of God for the ages.

 The soft, muted and toned light playing through the windows highlighted objects and drew your eye in closer and closer.

So glad we came in to see the interior splendor.

How could you not desire to be inside, to soak in the colors, the sounds, and the 850-plus years of history?

I had visited another great cathedral, the "young" St. Patrick's in New York City.

But, here in Paris, with a cadre of young singers practicing "for the tourists" was a special added audio treat.

We roamed around the vast church, snapping photos while being respectful.

Smiling and soaking in the sights and sounds.

The leader had them start again and the pulsing voices bounced all around the carved stone and the crowd was silent.

I yearned to see the interior I remembered and had photographed in June 2016.

All the dismal exterior views as the fire roared. The steeple toppling into the fiery inferno as the fire brigades labored to stop the destruction. Heart-breaking images.

I am pleased I found these in my files and wanted to share how it used to be ....and may be once again.

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