Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Now we start the SECOND thousand entries..

 Because we are starting a new series of postings, I decided to "go back" and add some from the past.

Not the actual past in wartime history, just scenes I caught at a Battle Of Charleston re-enactment at Legare Farm a few years ago.

It's an annual event in April and features a whole timeline of wars from Indian and pirates through the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, etc.

Variety for sure and lent itself to some strange pairings of re-enactors from different eras.

 General Robert E. Lee was in attendance and charmed the ladies.

It was a warm April and some of the outfits had to be a bit uncomfortable.

But, these are people paying attention to details and what's a little sweat way back before air conditioning became the norm.

Surely humidity then was not as fierce as it is now?! (Hmm, global warming?)

This young fellow I spotted in the parking lot but tried to avoid showing him with modern cars around.

I had just arrived myself and had not yet seen how many juxtapositions would play that afternoon.

To me, it became the norm to seek them out.

The organizers have done this for awhile and knew to use the ample space at Legare Farm to separate the eras as much as possible.

The battle scenes were announced in advance so avid photographers could cover mounted charges, and cannons booming.

Include musket fire as well as machine guns and the ever popular Garand M-1

When I was handed an M-1 I realized the last time I held one was in the 1950s!

So "soon" you forget that it weighs nearly 10 pounds. Yikes.

But, of course, I was younger then and the Marines had beat me into a lean, mean, fighting machine at Parris Island.

I buy USMC t-shirts online and one I saw stated: "Not so lean, not so mean, but I'm still a U.S. Marine."

The catalog said they came in XL, 2XL and even 3XL.

For some reason, one of my favorite photos that day involved a lady wearing the fashion of the 1860s, but facing a modern-day dilemma. 

She agreed to pose when I assured her I did NOT want a photo of her actually trying to enter the facility.

Closing on that high note, I realize some time has passed since my last entry and I had many opportunities to post live music shows I've attended and other interesting events and activities.

I will conclude this one and promise to get more written and posted in the future.

Here are some additional shots from that Re-enactment.

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