Friday, December 09, 2016

NOT a close shave....

 So now it's December and I still have my Movember fuzzy face from last month.

Looks like I tipped over  into a continuation of growing a beard.

Actually, now it really DOES look like I am doing this on purpose.

Not just the effects of a long, long weekend away from my razor.

Has been too cool to have been out camping, away from civilization.

The Lowcountry is rather too flat to think of myself as a Mountain Man.

Even a seasonal Man who adds small twinkling lights for the holiday season.

Well, this bearded fellow's in good company this time of year.

But Santa, the "jolly old elf" has not embraced the lighter aspect side of the holidays.

Often pictured drinkin' a Coca-Cola but - so far at least - no flashing beard lights.

Santa leaves that to the Rudolph, the red-nosed leader of the reindeer pack.

The distinctive red outfit is his main fashion statement.

And, well, his sleigh that flies all over the world.

On a 3rd Thursday in Summerville a while back, I did spot a gent who could give Santa's beard a run for the money.

I was on a Photo Walk with members of my Photography Group and spotted this guy sitting on a curb, listening  to some buskers playing music at the monthly event.

Just as I clicked the shutter, he turned my way. Oops.

In Street Photography you try to be "invisible" as you capture images but I could not tell where his eyes were looking, due to the dark sunglasses.

He didn't react and I quickly walked away.

Caught a good portrait of a man with quite a beard.

A local craft beer brewery has gotten into the bearded act with a descriptive name.

That reflects what could happen if a hairy-faced man drank one of their brews.

I now realize I need to keep a napkin handy when I'm drinking - or eating - anything that might leave a signature image.

An ice cream cone becomes a challenge.

Or a bowl of clam chowder if you are not fastidious.

These three men, tending bar at the Frothy Beard, all have facial hair.

Eager-to-please employees or three of the owners, I can't recall.

Well, there WAS beer involved.

So I might have forgotten to ask their names or neglected to write them down.

I was being handed a glass of their product so my attention had wandered.

Actually, I was tasting several to see which I would take away in my 64 ounces Growler.

Another long time beer brewer - Coast - in North Charleston on the old Navy base, has a delightfully-named beverage that links our city's history back to the pirate days.

It's called Blackbeerd, a dark Imperial Stout. Mmmm.

I would challenge any fiddle-player to drink a few and then try to keep his beard away from the strings and the bow.

Speaking of which, I am starting to learn things that happen as one's beard fills out and gets thicker

And longer.

I tend to touch it and groom it with my fingers. A lot.

Stopped in the Brew Cellar off Montague in Park Circle after I noticed they had added a "Beer Garten" out front.

Yep, the two owners John Judson and Ryan Hendrick, sported long-time beards.

I was still clean-shaven at that time but it must have lodged in my brain that beards can be cool.

I have quite a ways to go, of course, but I was pleased with the reception I received last week downtown when I spotted The Beard Shop.

Before I started growing mine, I probably walked right past the King Street store called The Art of Shaving.
It's one of the upscale shops in the Belmond Charleston Place Hotel.

The man who greeted me apologized that his beard was so short but he had just had it trimmed and "went a bit overboard."

Because mine is still growing in, I have not trimmed it yet but his whiskers looked good. Very symmetrical. Stop by and check it out.

A few days ago I was picked to be a background (extra) person in a movie filming down in Savannah. I had submitted my regular head shots when I applied to the casting people.

I  added the shot with my beard and a note saying I could shave it if needed.  The immediate response was "We want the beard."

More info AFTER the film is completed. They are very secretive at this point in production.

(Click on the photos and links for more details.)

Thanks for stopping by as we await the Polar Express to plunge temps when it comes roaring down from Canada.

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