Sunday, December 20, 2015

Wow. A Real Blast From The Past!

 Many, many years ago I was named Director of Tourism for the state of Missouri.

Had to move my family from the Kansas City area to a sweet house I bought in the capitol - Jefferson City.

One year, when my daughter was 8 or 9, I decided to build her a DOLLHOUSE.

Not just ANY one, a cute replica of our 2-story home.

It was just a mile or two from my office downtown and had some great lines to it.

 I figured it couldn't be too hard to build...just copy the one standing there.

In fact, even easier, I didn't have to build all of it.

A dollhouse is open at the back. No 4th wall.

Well, it WAS a 2-story so I had to do the second floor inside too.

My daughter was really into each step-by-step as it started taking shape.

I had not told her it was going to look just like our real house but she quickly caught on as it progressed.
 I liked the way certain parts turned out.

For some reason, in her toy box, she had a miniature couple that looked just about right in the pictures I took.

I learned a lot about dollhouses.

In fact, they were the number one "toy" is some fact sheets I found. and go back hundreds of years...or more!

 As work went on, I added pieces of the same wallpaer we had in each room.

I made a replica fireplace and built the stairs leading up to the second floor.

I used blocks of wood to recreate the refrigerator, sink and I even copied the blue couch in the living room.

Many times, our cat was also in the living room.

Depending on how he stretched out, he also extended himself into the kitchen and dining room.

 The project started in the winter, with snow on the ground, and was completed in the Spring.

Several people asked me for details on how I did this so I had a pamphlet made up.

It was offered to people interested in making one similar to their home.

Nine years ago, when I started my blog, I included a mention of it and today I received an email asking if the folder was still available. Well heck yeah!

My 9-year old daughter has grown up, and  is married now with a 4-year old boy of her own. The "House that Chuck built" vanished years ago BUT I searched around and found the brochure file.

If anyone else wants a special fun project, I can send details to you for only $10.

It explains how to do it from the first measurements of your REAL house to the final exterior matching paint that completes the special "toy" for your child.

Just let me know.

Thanks for stopping by in this, my old neighborhood,  in the middle of Missouri.

(Click on the photos and links for more details.)

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