Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Get my "usual" two slices of Za?

Have found myself in a "Pizza Rut.

A comfortable routine. Until today.

I go to a favorite place just up Rivers Avenue from my home and get two slices of pepperoni and a beer.

The only variance would be the type of beer, offered at different times of the year.

Two slices filled the bill - and my belly - so a no brainer.

Met a friend today for lunch in Mt. Pleasant at Coleman Public House.
He had the Cuban Sandwich and I tried their shrimp and grits. Both were tasty with glasses of sweet tea.

We stepped outside and I pointed at an advertising gimmick - a huge, oversize pizza box I saw in the window of a pie place next store.

I went inside to comment that it was pretty catchy, a giant box display.

Adam Haselkorn said "No, that's the box we use for our very large pizzas."

Natosha Palmer smiled and said many people like our "Two Plate Special."

Adam was serving up a slice for a customer and I saw he had to use two paper plates for that piece of the pie.

I quickly did the math and realized that the slice was 14 inches long. Wow.

Benny Palmetto's Pizza is part of a 10-place chain that started in Virginia. As the link shows, all start with BENNY then add a location or attraction.

I saw a (540) phone number for delivery on the box but saw that applied only in Blacksburg. (Virginia?)

I had Natosha check how I had spelled her first name. It didn't look right.

"That's the German spelling, " she explained.

That reminded me I had had a 2-plater overseas last year in Prague, but I have never seen a complete 28-inch pie.

Still have not but I do plan to stop by there again soon. One of the specials I saw on a sign was "Buy two, get one free."

I'll remember that the next time I have a crowd of people over.

A very large crowd!

(Click on the photos and the links for more details.) 

Thanks for joining me in planning a future lunch today.

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