Monday, June 01, 2015

"If I Were A Carpenter....."

 It was good to hear Dead Winter Carpenters again.

They were the free Sunday night show at the Pour House.

Good planning: the Phish cover band show was coming to an end out on the deck.

About the same time they took the stage in the main room, the crowd surged in - ready for more music!

Jenni Charles is a fiddle master and added the string element needed for progressive bluegrass, roots rock and folk.

The entire band had played here October 5 2014.

Jenni was amused when I said there had been a fan wearing a long cape in that crowd that night.

Of course, my photo then made it look like he was "flashing" the band.

She did not remember that event but told me they had just played an outdoor set in Charlotte amid water slides and several Zip Lines.

"Kinda distracting to be playing and someone zips past - right in front of you - and you have to keep concentrating on your music," Jenni said, laughing.

No, I don't think he was nude beneath that cloak. LOL.

But, I was standing behind him, so can't be sure.

The 5-piece band from North Lake Tahoe, California, is now doing close to 200 nights a year on the road.

Charlotte the night before and Nashville tomorrow. Their schedule is on the link as well as how to order CDs and other merchandise.

I saw several hand-made leather drink koozies for $25 on display, along with t-shirts, hoodies and even some free stickers.

During their break, I wandered up close to the stage to see what kind of preparation and equipment goes into such a delightful music evening.

Being a creative photographer, I added some visual elements to the pictures.

I am learning to rein in over-doing such embellishments.

For example, now I seldom use the Fish Eye lens effect I worked to an extreme when I first got this camera with that feature. Sometimes, just a subtle "posterizing" effect is all that is needed to make an eye-catching result.

Moderation in my photo moderation.

(Click on the photos and the link for more details.)

The five players for this Alt-Country have started to soft-pedal the Jam Band influence.

They are Miss Charles, Bryan Daines, lead guitar; Dave Lockhart, upright bass; Jess Dunne, rhythm guitar and Brian Huston on drums.

Play well and travel safely.

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