Sunday, May 31, 2015

Music from Asheville....and beer from here.

One of my favorite breweries - Palmetto Brewing Company downtown on Huger Street - has created a very nice music venue in addition to making great beers.

The former loading dock has been remodeled to accommodate a large covered stage and provides an exceptional performance space for local and regional bands.

Yesterday, about 4 in the afternoon when I stopped by, the outdoor area had cooling shadows, along with a canopy to shade the music lovers.

Also picnic tables, benches and chairs and a very good sound system.

Oh, yeah, did I mention the multiple taps just inside the glass doors that feature their well-made, tasty brews?

Go to the link and check out the history and pride the company has in making "South Carolina Beer for South Carolina."

Sirius. B  was setting up and I noticed 4-year old  Henry Bond, with his bright yellow drum, standing next to his daddy Pancho Romero Bond, Co-Founder of the band.

His ear protectors were checked by his dad before the music started. Behind Pancho, on upright bass, was Ryan Kijenka. The 7-piece band thrilled the crowd with its Absurdist Gypsy Folk Funk Punk sounds.

This afternoon performance was a preview of their Sunday appearance at Awendaw Green.

Eddie White is the man behind the outdoor, family-friendly and laidback music setting, up Highway 17 North at Sewee Outpost.

Eddie is calling the Sunday show Asheville on the Green, featuring three bands from that North Carolina city.

If they are anywhere as good as this group, it should be a great day!

I was already committed to a show at the Pour House tonight or I would have gone up there to hear this band again.

Turned out to be my Saturday for breweries.

I used to work at the paper downtown and it was an easy trip over to Palmetto to check out new products they created.

Sharing a building with a coffee roaster company and some mutual cooperation made it easier for them to come up with their famed Espresso Porter.

Actual coffee added to the mix was simple and a very natural thing to do. And, very tasty.

So, I listened to the Asheville guys - and lady - and, when they finished, I headed to Revelry Brewing Company, at 10 Conroy Street, not far away, off North Morrison Drive.

Looked like several birthday parties were being celebrated around the picnic tables & benches set outside.

Cakes were cut, glasses were raised and all of us joined in singing Happy Birthday. Did we know them? No, but beer is a friendly froth.

I had a 4-glass sampler flight and lifted one in the salute.

Beer lovers seated at the cozy bar just inside the door, were being entertained by Ryan Becknell of King Sing Music.

The young man and his acoustic guitar seemed dwarfed by the massive vats of beer all around him.

Still, it was an interesting mixture so I gave him my card during a break and snapped a few pictures.

I hope my efforts to help promote him and his music affiliation brings him more bookings.

Ryan finished his set and began taking down his two speakers and packing up to head to his next gig.

"I'm driving to Folly Beach to play acoustic at Blu," he said, referring to the fine oceanfront dining spot in the Tides Hotel at the foot of Center Street.

Saturday traffic to the beach on a beautiful afternoon could be a challenge.

Meanwhile a large limo pulled up and participants for another birthday party spilled out carrying presents and more cakes.

Again, did not know these people but had a strong clue as to who might be the honoree today.

The birthday song was sung by all the nearby beer drinkers and smiles all around.

I was finishing the last of my four beer samples and pleased with what the Revelry crew had created.

Asheville still leads us in its number of breweries but we are growing and have momentum as we open new ones.

On my list I have only one left to visit - Tradesman Brewing Company - on James Island and understand it is small family-run brewpub with limited space and seating. A dining area is being built upstairs.

One person said it's like walking into a friend's living room that just happens to have a bar.

Pictures on the site show that all the beer pulls are tools, like a hammer, wrenches, and a piece of shiny galvanized pipe.

Hence the curious names for the beers: Bricklayer Ale, Welder's Agave Wheat, etc.

When you ask for a beer, they can answer they're working on it.

(Click on the photos and the links for more details.)

Be prudent in your moderation.

And support live music.

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