Thursday, February 26, 2015

...for the kneady people

Always something goin' on at Andolini's.

They once had a tip jar that said "Tips Make For Good Karma."

Who would dare NOT to be generous?

On the last Super Bowl Sunday, there were TWO tip marked Seahawks and the other Patriots.

Staff had it covered, either way the big game went.

On a recent, cold, rainy night, battling heavy traffic on Rivers Avenue,  I was getting close to Andolini's,

"Think I'll just pull in here, grab a pizza and head home for a quiet evening."
S0, I did.

As usual, they were well prepared for take-away clients so I settled down at the bar as my dinner was being prepared.

That's when I saw the latest tip jar.

There's a local Blues promoter and piano player who always reminds the crowd they should take care of the bartender and their server,

Then he adds "Tipping is not a city in China."

Have not seen that message at Andolini's yet.

I watched as this young lady rapidly folded the cardboard pizza boxes and reached up as high as she could, to place the one on top.

Glad they didn't need just one more, the stack may have toppled over.

In the past I often have eaten my pie right there in a booth.

Well, not the whole thing!

They have  smaller boxes for those who want to take some slices home.

Made for a nice breakfast this morning.

Hot coffee and cold pizza.

Oh, and another slice for a late lunch.

Because I am on a diet, I skipped dinner. Burp.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

To give proper credit, the Blues guy who gives advice on thanking the wait staff, has Shrimp City in his name.

My pizza had pepperoni.

And, I left a nice tip.

Good Karma.

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