Monday, December 08, 2014

Shhhh! Our little Post Office secret...

 A buddy of mine was re-doing his office and got rid of his bookshelves.

Got a new desk, new ergonomic chair but no new book racks.

"Whatcha gonna do with all your books?" I asked.

"Do you want them?" he responded.

"Sure," I said, "you have a LOT!"

I have belonged to a Book Swap Club for several years and this would give me several stacks of new ones to offer for swapping.

As soon as I started posting my newest books, I started receiving requests.

Many others have figured out it's ok to spend about $2.50 at the post office to send away a book you've already read..and choose one that you want....for free.

The sender pays the postage.

When I mail out a book, I receive one credit to use for a replacement book.

I've "swapped" more than 100 books since I joined several years ago.

When you get a response for a book you're seeking, the club suggests you check and see what others that member might have to offer.

Doubling up on books you send out saves postage.

Ah, but there is a fly in the ointment, so to speak. You can buys stamps to avoid standing in line at the post office but, if it weighs more than 13 ounces, you have to go there and stand in line to mail it.

I usually go to the post office on Rivers Avenue in North Charleston and today, the lot was filled with 2 in the afternoon. Inside, there were 30 people in line ahead of me. Sigh.

Walked back out to my car and hit "find closest post office" on my Smartphone. It showed there was one less than 2 miles away! Huh?

And there was!

I walked in just as the other customer was leaving.

Paid the postage on three books and walked out in about 30 seconds!

I asked if this was a new thing and the young lady said it had been there for 3 years.

It has a contract with the USPS to weight things and sell postage. No passport or money orders but I was in often just to mail some books.

So, here's the deal.

They've been there for three years. I have stood in long lines during all that time just a few miles away.

Now I could just pop in, mail my stuff, and be on my way.

I'm not about to ruin this by telling everyone where this is located.

Let your smartphone whisper the news to you that there ARE options.


Let's just keep this among ourselves so crowds don't find it.

Be cool or we're back to standing at the end of a long line.

I might just grab a burrito at Chipotle  on my way home.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

Yes, I gave some clues but keep it on the DL.



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