Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Pour House: Music venue and canvas for artists.

For the last few years, The Pour House, a popular music Venue on Maybank Highway, has invited artists to come paint images on its walls.

I'll get in touch with Alex, the owner, and get details on how this came about.

It's bright, colorful and very imaginative.

A few night ago I was enjoying a band playing in Charleston for the first time and walked around looking at new murals and paintings.

I commented that I should come back in the daytime to take some pictures.

The next morning I remembered I had NOT remembered to close out my tab when I left. Duh.

That would explain why my credit card was not in my wallet.

You don't expect a phone call to be answered by a late night club early in the morning, so I called later in the day.

Yes my card was there and I could get it around 5 when the club's restaurant The Lot would open.

I drove out to West Ashley and my card was waiting for me. A $5 tip had been added - standard in cases like this - which actually was a little less than I would normally add to my bill.

Peace of mind restored., I wandered around, taking pictures of the colorful images.

A lot of artistic talent was on display.

"Homegrown Microphone" summed up the PoHo's encouragement of local musical talent.

In addition to the touring regional bands - and some national acts - that play inside, there is a very large outdoor deck area that hosts locals for free concerts.

Mainly cover bands, the tribute players outside have an elevated, covered stage with an excellent sound system.

Paintings adorn the walls out there too.

Daytime is the best time for photography but I have admired these at night as well.

The variety is truly amazing.

Views based on song lyrics abound as well as whimsical views of the world.

The Pour House celebrated its 10th anniversary earlier this year and I salute the decision to make inside smoke free.

The deck was added to serve the smokers and evolved into an expanded outdoor show stage  with stand-up tables and its own bar.

And, plenty of paintings.

Started going to the venue when it was still on Savannah Highway.

I remember you were encouraged to bring and play your own copies of jam bands and other groups featured on "Wide Spread Wednesdays.

Wondered if their clients would trek further out when they moved into the new space, but that was not a problem.

On my latest visit I saw that the carpet had been ripped up and the concrete floor had been acid-washed.

I also saw the outdoor billboard being changed.

The top row shows who is playing outside on the deck.

The lower section lists the bands appearing inside the club.

I had seen Dead Winter Carpenters the night before.

It was their first time in South Carolina.

The 5-piece Alt-Country band from N. Lake Tahoe had it's touring bus break down and they were driving a rented van.

Enjoyed their sound and hope the bus is running again soon.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

*WSMFP refers to the after party for the 2-night appearance of Wide Spread Panic...WSP.

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