Tuesday, April 08, 2014

First at the Bridge Run Finish Line....

I did the Cooper River Bridge Run for 13 years.

Well, actually the Bridge WALK.

Have all the bibs hanging on the wall, along with photos of the first "roller coaster" 2-lane John P. Grace bridge we all crossed as it wobbled and shook.

The next year, the race moved to the 3-lane Silas Pearman and I walked that one until the Ravenel opened in 2005.

In '05, I walked on our side of the 8-lanes and then stopped doing any more.

I'll start the Walk again when a new bridge is added.

But this was the first year I arrived at the finish line on Meeting Street BEFORE anyone from Kenya. Or Ethiopia. Or Morocco.

Of course, this was Friday, the night before the race.

I had just come from a Todd Barry comedy show up the street at Theatre 99 and saw the structure was still being built.

The comedian was doing a "Crowd Work" show, basing his humor on interchanges with the audience. Some were great and some just so-so, depending on the energy - and responses - from the individuals.

When the 37th annual bridge run was brought up, he went into a funny rant about "all this fuss about a dinky 6.2 mile race?"

"You have to be kidding, I can't find a hotel room anywhere downtown because of THAT?

"I would have walked further than that from my hotel room in North Charleston!"

I'm glad Mayor Keith Summey wasn't there that Friday night. His town took a LOT of abuse.

"Is there a South Charleston? Is the peninsula basically 'Middle Charleston?'"

Then the audience tried to explain South of Broad and he came back with some SOB comments that were very funny.

The Folly Beach "Edge of America" was discussed as well.

The two destinations were mentioned a lot. Maybe the crowd felt they could throw out those "safe" references and be less likely to be ridiculed.
I learned years ago that empty seats in the front row were vacant for a reason.

At a stand-up comic performance, you might be randomly targeted and perhaps asked "What's your name" Is that your wife or a hooker?

So I tend to sit a few rows back, especially if the whole act is talking to audience members. 

I saw him a few years ago and he had a lady in the front row raving about working at Guiseppe's Pizza.

I think the Mt. Pleasant eatery has changed hands - and name - but it was a funny few moments.

"Joe Seppy? That's the name of the place? Go to Joe for a pie?"

Actually, I saw there was an empty seat in the front row at Theatre 99  last Friday night.

Smart move.

(Click on the photos for more detail.)

 A night shot on Meeting Street in the dark is quite a challenge.

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At Sat Apr 12, 11:10:00 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

Sounds like a fun show -- and a terrific way to beat the Ethiopians and everyone else to the finish line area.


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