Monday, April 14, 2014

Blues By The Sea.....

Wow! Has it really been ten years?

Yep. Sunday was the 10th Annual Blues By The Sea at Freshfields Village Green on Kiawah Island.

Pretty sure I have been to all of them.

Thanks go to Gary Erwin, Blues keyboard, drums and guitar man, recording artist, and promoter. He's the blue believer who brought Charleston 21 straight years of a February Blues Bash.

Gary drew legendary musical stars as well as new, up and coming players to his annual 2-week long songfest party.

His opening act Sunday was Shelly Waters, from Rayne, Louisiana, known as the "Swamp Pop Princess."

She charmed the crowd in the packed tent and the grassy lawn, with a mixture of Cajun, old time country and New Orleans R & B.

After a break, the second performer was a true legend from the early 60s folk blues revival, Spider John Koerner, from Minneapolis.

I have not seen nearly enough strong 12-string artists, but he produced an enormous amount of music.

Gary even managed to produce a gorgeous Spring day before rain and clouds were due back late Monday.

A free concert in a great setting on a pretty day.

The crowd was generous with its applause and appreciation and I was hardly the only one with a camera.

A huge white tent had been purchased a few years ago with money and support from the Kiawah Island Accommodations Tax Committee to ensure "the show would go on."

Our folding chairs and blankets were spread out under the shady covering and people were seated all around the stage , amid the blooming azaleas.

A family-friendly atmosphere that encouraged youngsters to discover the Blues.

Beverly Guitar Watkins was amazing building up to the headliner.

We're both 75 and she outdistanced me by many miles.

I sat with her before she played at Sticky Fingers downtown a few years ago.

Thought then I hoped I would be as active when I got to be her age.

Oops. I was already there.

I saw a "Madonna with Nikon" handle several complex roles as the bands played on.

I like to be in a crowd and use my small inconspicuous digital camera.

It's only about the size of a pack of cigarettes but has a powerful 20x zoom.

This lets me come very, very close but not be "in the face" of a subject.

You don't want to draw attention when you're doing "crowd shots."

It would have been hard to NOT notice the quite impressive beard of this face in the crowd.

Later,  he took to the stage with this year's headliner Tinsley Ellis, the guitar strongman from Atlanta.

This is his bassist. Known as Evil 1.

Tinsley is now headlining festivals all across North America.

Many of us recall his memorable nights playing hard riffs at the Sand Dollar Social Club on Folly Beach.

Another new sight was the food truck of all food trucks.

Welcome to the Coastal Craft and Cru. 

A classic 1956 Ford V8 hauling around craft draft beers, bottled beers and wines.

The other side is where they store the folding table, er, I mean the clever bar.

This side folds up to form a roof over their heads. I was told they are caterers and have an even older vintage truck that can pull up to make fresh pizza in your driveway or lawn.
"..Saw a man dance with his wife"....while holding a small dog in his left hand.

After a bit, he passed the doggie over to her to hold as they continued moving with the music.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

It was a fun day in the sun.

Relaxing on the green with a gentle breeze wafting through.

Gary, we REALLY like your style.

Keep doing what you're doing and we'll keep coming to your parties.

(Do dogs really like to dance?)

 I know cats do not.

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At Tue Apr 15, 11:04:00 AM , Blogger Rick said...

I don't know if my eyes are acting up or if some of those pictures are paintings. Are they all snaps you took?
Maybe it's my meds.
Nice piece.

At Tue Apr 15, 11:25:00 AM , Blogger chuckography said...

Rick, your eyes are fine.

I use several "plug ins" for post production. I like to add texture and sometimes need to better the balance of light and dark.



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