Friday, February 14, 2014

"Here comes the sun...."

We saw that fiery bright white light in the sky this morning. 

Been quite a few days since we've seen it. 

Natives call it "the Sun." or "The Anti-Ice."

Our big 8-lane bridge has been closed for THREE days because of ice.

Not on the roadway - they used a salt slurry to clear that - but ice formed on the cables that hold the dang thing up. 

Who figured that they would freeze in an ice storm?

Or planned that they NOT freeze?

The Ravenel Bridge.

Frozen and closed. Twice in two weeks. For several days at a time.

The first time, they allowed cars back on the bridge (too soon, in hindsight) and eight were hit by falling "ice bombs." 

Several windshields were smashed but no serious injuries as cars darted and scurried across before it was quickly closed again.

Texting by drivers was seriously interrupted.

This time when the ice formed on the cables, it was even thicker and didn't shatter when it thawed and hit the ground. 

Heavier and more dangerous than before.

The bridge opened in 2005 and this is the first ice storm to hit. 

And then, another one two weeks later.

Whoever comes up with a solution to keep the ice from forming will make a lot of money!

So, the bridge re-opened today and traffic congestion-weary drivers were all over it.

Oh, and here's another happy moment for Valentine's Day I just found online. 

A Jonathan Winters clip from the old Jack Paar Show. Smile and enjoy!

Robin Williams was NOT his son but he was a huge admirer.

(Click on my photos for more detail.)

A day without sunshine....

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