Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Here's a Tip: 'Tis The Merry Season!

It's that time of year when the postal service works twice as hard.

Catalogs keep on coming.

Your mailbox is stuffed with holiday sales cheer. Over stuffed.

The refuse collector truck slows down and they take a little longer to pick up your trash... just in case you want to come out and thank them.

(When my Dad used to put out extra large piles of scraps from his shop, he'd place a cold 6-pack of Pepsi on top. Especially on hot humid days.)

It's really not fair. The mailman can't just leave a holiday note to remind me how good they have been in bringing things to me.

Nor the trash man suggesting that a monetary remuneration would be appreciated for the fine job they do hauling away things from me.

The real winner is the fellow (lady?) who places my daily newspaper literally at my door.

I'm usually not awake when the delivery person makes his/her rounds.

Every morning though, when I open the door, there it is.

If it's rainy and damp out, the paper is double bagged to keep it fresh for me to spread out on my kitchen table.

This morning, inside the bag with the news, was a  Merry Christmas card in a blank white envelope.

The card was stamped with a name and a mailing address. Pretty slick!

You'd think the Postal Service would have thought of that as a logical way to let me easily reward my mail carrier.

I'll figure it out.

Also on Trash Day.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

Remember, Tipping is NOT a city in China.

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