Thursday, March 28, 2013

Classic Traditions...

Yikes, I almost forgot.

Easter is coming up this Sunday and I sometimes forget to post my favorite chocolate bunny cartoon.

Here it is again.

I just wish I could credit whoever created it.

Came across it online many years ago and it makes me laugh every time I see it.

Hope you're smiling too.

What? I can't hear you.

On Tuesday I went on a chilly Photo Walk in Azalea Park , followed by a leisurely tour past some of Summerville's  grand old homes.

Our knowledgeable guide - and long-time resident - is a member of my Photography Group.

Charles walked us along Laurel and Sumter Avenues, past St. Paul's Episcopal church and back to the park.

We were bundled up and comfortable and the azaleas, camellias and dogwoods were awesome.

Obviously we were slightly ahead of the 200,000 who will converge April 5-7 on this area for the annual Flowertown Festival.

Cameras of all shapes and sizes were aimed at the profusion of flowers, vintage homes and elaborate private gardens.

Close-up lenses captured the beauty and intricate details of individual flowers and clusters of blooming bushes.

The sun appeared then dipped behind clouds. popped out again, throwing long afternoon shadows.

Oak trees soared above us, grabbing our attention.

Spanish moss danced on the wind as cool breezes started and stopped.

Dressing in layers was a good idea. Spring?

A few were taking their gloves and mittens on and off .
The sun disappeared and the sky was steely gray and gloomy as we criss-crossed the street to change angles on St. Paul's Church.

To me it seemed logical to shoot this charming building in black and white.

Then I put my glove back on and hurried to catch up with the others.

We strung out as one or another stopped to capture a view that had caught an eye.

I stood and studied an imposing oak tree for a few moments.

Mentally I formed a caption "Angel Oak, you are my inspiration."

Per usual when the Group does an outing, we create an online album. Please click the link.

Each member/photographer is encouraged to upload a few of their favorites. 

Comments often provide praise and pointers from the others.

Also, per usual, I try to come up with something funny to say.

I have azalea bushes at my home. Quite a few.

Frankly, the flowers that bloomed early had been beaten down by the rain and strong wind gusts whipped them to the ground.

Hoping that Flowertown would have a splendid setting, I was pleased to see color everywhere downtown in the Square area.

As you can see in this posting, I'm not really a nature or landscape photographer. 

Many others in the group ARE and make macro shots that get you so close, you're almost on the other side of the flower. 

Composition is another talent obvious among the members. And seeing things that others just walk right past.

Actually I prefer to step back in a situation like this.

Take pictures of the people taking pictures.

My brother and his wife were able to join our Tuesday afternoon walk. He had not been feeling well so it was great to see them mingle with the other members.

Yes, he took pictures and I snapped him doing that. We both were happy.

Thanks for joining us on the Azalea Photo Walk.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

When you go to the Flowertown Festival, be sure to take a camera.

Duh. Or a phone that can take pictures.

Enjoy Spring. Warmly.

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