Monday, December 05, 2011

Still Crazy After All These Years...

Took a run over to Atlanta this weekend to see Paul Simon.

Another "Legend" on my Must See list.


It CAN'T be that many years since The Concert In Central Park?

Say it isn't so "Mrs. Robinson."

There's gotta be "50 Ways" I like this guy.

"Rhymin' Simon" still has the pipes to belt out his classics.

An 8-piece backup band adds a lot to his show too.

A New Orleans-feeling scene filled the backdrop for some Rhythm of the Saints.

I missed his earlier national tours like Graceland so I knew I wanted to see him this go around.

Northeast of downtown the Gwinnett Center Arena is a fine music location.

I saw Jack Black and his Tenacious D there a few years ago.

Someone said Paul Simon had played Atlanta just a few months before and sold out the beautiful amphitheatre at Chastain.

That would have been a more recent Concert In The Park.

(Click on the photos for a larger image.) The security staff was VERY accommodating of us camera-toters and that's always appreciated. Popping a flash is kind of distracting but the fans were happy.

My Canon S90 didn't bother anyone.

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At Mon Dec 05, 12:01:00 PM , Blogger Rick said...

So much water under a troubled bridge. Hello darkness my old friend in the light of a neon moon... oops, mixed mega-tour. Nice pix.


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