Saturday, September 24, 2011


The Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco has a rooftop "Arts Garden."

It's a very touchy-feely area.

Kids like to check out the SFMOMA sculptures and other large-scale artistic works.

The security guards seemed very lenient. Well, at least on the roof.

Older children find a different attraction at the Tosca Cafe, dating back to the 1920s.

It was a quiet early evening when I wandered into the hushed, uncrowded 90-year old North Beach watering hole.

The place was nearly empty except for a handful of regulars. It filled up later.

Unlike the Irish Coffees down at the Buena Vista, this place had glasses ready for an adult hot chocolate laced with brandy.

They call it the House Cappuccino.

Glancing in the mirror behind the bar, I saw a group of men-in-fedoras come in and walk past me.

Yikes, their suits with wide lapels looked like a gang of 1940s mobsters had arrived.

I was curious but cautious.

Turns out it was a bunch of guys who liked the earlier fashions and they meet monthly at the Tosca. It's the perfect setting for them.

Bet the guy with the white spats told somebody to bring him a hot chocolate.

Later that evening I found myself at The Saloon, the city's oldest bar.

I was there to listen to some Blues and this was the right place.

A regular said he liked coming there "because the kids don't.".

I also saw they have a no nonsense approach to running a bar.

(Click on the pictures to make them bigger. Usually works.) I had mentioned the "mobster" guys earlier so here they are. Thanks for stopping by. Ever have an adult hot chocolate?

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