Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The PoHo... Inside and Out

Several music venues surprise me with the variety of their activities.

The Pour House is a good example.

Not just great musicians, like the Lee Boys, but the actual facility itself.

There's a huge deck out back that pleases the smokers who can drink and cough, er, I mean light up, as they enjoy live music.

Of course there's a second bar out there too.

In front, facing Maybank Highway, there's a small deck for El Bohio dining that's been added.

Recently the owners Alex and Vanessa Harris offered the outside walls of the place for a music mural competition.

I remember the tiny bar-with-jam-bands they had on Highway 17.

It was about half-filled with several pool tables.

They've come a long way.

And the Charleston music scene has benefited greatly.

The PoHo is packed each year when Leon Russell comes to town.

The North Mississippi All-Stars draw a full house as they rock the rafters.

Taj Mahal was a surprise booking recently. Last time in town he played the Charleston Music Hall.

Nice call Alex.

The deck often features local musicians who really enjoy the raucous welcome they receive when they hop onstage.

The sound system outside is just as fine as the famed one inside.

And, don't kid yourself...these hometown bands also have a loyal following.

That's a smart way to build business - and a great way to thank the music fans.

Of course, most of the crowd heads inside when the main act starts.

Or if it starts to rain.

(Yes, clicking on the picture - twice - makes it bigger. Lots of details.) Thanks for stopping by on this nice Fall day. Hopefully hot and humid is over for the year and there's more deck time. Come sit outside with me.

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