Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The "Other" Purring Machine....

[From the Kitten Diary]
OK, the guy that lives here with me seems to be working out fine.

We had a little trouble right at the start with that trip to the animal shelter.

We had only just met and what happened there was a big surprise - and painful - but he seemed apologetic.

I like the dry food and he buys BIG bags of the crunchy stuff.

The scratching post is not as much fun as his couch but he settles down and seems calmer when I get up here.

The ring thing is new and shiny and it spins nicely.

He unpacked something a few days ago that seems to have a mind of its own.

I hoped it was maybe another kitten - a playmate - someone to chase around.

Nope. THIS is no cat!

Doesn't smell right.

It moves around so we could play together.

Likes to run in circles though.

And I'm not too sure about that strange purring sound.

And, Boy,it turns on a dime, I mean REALLY sudden fast turns. What the...?

It goes under furniture where I can't go??

I jumped up on the couch but it looks like it can't get up here. Didn't even try.

It went UNDER the couch. What a doofus.

The thing stayed in the living room until today.

All my toys in the kitchen were picked up and put somewhere out of reach?!

A few pieces of Meow Mix Kibble I had been batting around disappeared after this "thing" wandered around under the table and chairs.

I sense the fur I've been shedding is missing too.

Keeping my eye on this newcomer.

(Click on the photo for more detail) This is the FIRST entry from the cat's journal...probably not the last.

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