Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Business Was Carded...

So 20 years ago I was living in Tallahassee and formed a business to create photo business cards.

Unique. One of a kind.

I showed people they could have their face, their store, their product on a VERY personal card.

Oh, a few people had tacky cards printed on flimsy Kodak photo paper.

But, mine were real cards, printed on a 6-color high speed press in Toronto, Canada. You could even write notes on the back.

Find a need, fill it better than anyone else for a fair price and you'll succeed.

When I came back to Charleston I still would keep my eye out for a suitable business for my cards.

Say you were on Folly Beach about 12 years ago and you owned a bar/restaurant that overlooked the ocean

Now, THAT's the picture you should have on your card!

Of course, a few years later, the view was completely blocked by a 4-story Condo but you see my point.

A pretty scene. A pretty card.

Sometime you just wanted your face on the card. Or be pictured in front of the sign on the front of your place.

It was fun giving out MY card for Boyd Multi-Media

Keep in mind that picture of me WAS taken 20 years ago. The phone number is accurate though after all these years.

Well, the area code was updated when we changed from 803.

Actually, I did meet a guy when I was still in Florida who had a unique card.

His you could even call MORE unique because it was printed on a thin, thin piece of wood.

And it's one of the few I've kept.

Wonder how many trees died for his cards?

Now, you can go online to design and order your cards to hand out. The price is a LOT less than I used to charge so I guess I'm no longer in that business.

I get mine online and was able to be fairly creative.

My Smartphone also now can display my QR (Quick Response) code.

Other Smartphones can scan it and bring up and store my web site.

Good thing too because I just changed to Gmail so I have to order a batch of new cards now that I'm no longer on

(As usual, click on the photos for more details.)Thanks for stopping by to read my blog. Leave your card.

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At Tue Jul 26, 03:21:00 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

I guess as the world moves on, professions come and go, don't they?

Actually, you've planted a seed for an idea. Hm-m-m-m.

At Wed Jul 27, 12:02:00 PM , Blogger chuckography said...

The printer in Canada would print 80 different cards at a time on a large sheet - it's called "gang printing"- then cut down the individual orders.

Card stock, well printed, glossy on the front. I also could print b&w on the back.

I charged $180 for the first 1,000 cards and $90 for the 2nd thousand. Made good money!

Naturally I did the photo for free. Lots of reorders too.

At Wed Mar 26, 11:13:00 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

This sounds like a simple idea, yet how many people pursued it?

I love the unique blend of creativity, photography, and the entrepreneurial spirit at work here Chuck. You've got me thinking about new designs for business card ideas now!


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