Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Good Reflection...

We had a "Walk In The Park" for members of my photographers group last Sunday.

Great turnout and great sunny weather.

Had not been to Azalea Park in Summerville before and it was awesome.

The theme was portraiture and included young models, studio flash equipment and even a simple white card to reflect light into shadows.

Quite a learning experience.

The black umbrella in the set up on the left is a "strobe" electronic light that fires into a white surface and bounces back onto the model with a soft effect.

The camera sends a signal to the light so it is synchronized with the shutter.
In the old days, a cord would have gone between the two to make this off-the-camera light happen.

The photographer in the foreground is using her flash on camera as a "fill" light.

My role was to step back and show what was going on. Many of the portrait results are posted on our group site.

There was even a second album created so take a peek at both.

(Click - twice - on these blog photos for more details. Thanks for stopping by. Tell others.)

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