Thursday, June 03, 2010

Early Bird Special...

When you reach a certain age, some phrases just seem to jump out at you.

Like "Early Bird Special."

Not that a late night event deters me. I just like the concept of an occasional afternoon musical delight.

Say 5:00pm to 7:00pm... featuring the BLUES ... during Spoleto.

Performed at Mad River Bar & Grill on The Market.

I've mentioned before what a great room this is for musicians and for the audience.

The former Seaman's Chapel has a vaulted ceiling and wood walls. The "lively" music bounces around nicely.

An attentive staff serves food and beverages as you sit back and relax in booths or tables and at the long bar.

Meanwhile, playing a fantastic set, Freddie Vanderford and Brandon Turner are cranking it out.

Freddie, on harp, last month received the 2010 South Carolina Folk Heritage Award at a ceremony in Columbia.

I called a few friends to join me and we all scrambled for parking spaces.

A fun afternoon. A delight.

The Specials continue through June 9. Check details at the Mad River website.

[Click (twice) on the photos for more details. Of course I had my camera with me.]

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