Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back-to-back comedy fun!

My rage against the machine continues.

I just did a posting on and at first I thought "Ahah. This is simple." I was able to add photos to the entry.

When you see two Piccolo Fringe shows (8:30 and 10:00) and they are SO funny and visual, you want to add pictures.

Unfortunately I added them twice.

Could not figure how to eliminate the extra one so I canceled and started over. This time, however, there was no prompt to add photos?!

The Cody Rivers Show was visually funny (The Wrestling Team is in Town) so, I hope I can (eventually) get these onto the site.

The second show Frankenmatt channeled the hiliarious old comedy team of Abbott & Costello. ("Who's on first..").

Frank Caeti and Matt Craig romped all over the stage recreating a "road trip" down to Charleston.

There was a stop at a convenience store for road snacks, a courtroom scene in Mississippi (meet Charlemagne LeRoy on the witness stand) and a send up of how our Polite City REALLY gets into "Thank You."

Yes, that IS a talking/counting garden gnome.

These are two funny guys so ANY prop is just an added treat.

This is hardly a Carrot Top routine.

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