Sunday, July 20, 2008

Late News....NOT A Happy Camper

As many of you know, I spent years taking pictures for the San Diego Union newspaper.

Breaking news! Snap now and ask questions later. Get all the facts, spell the names right ...and make your paper's deadline.

Sure, but now, I'm retired. Everyday is Saturday to me (even on a Sunday). Meet a deadline? Yeah, right.

I saw an accident today, just moments after impact. I lowered my window and was told the cops had been called and no one was hurt so I snapped a picture from my car and went on to the library to drop off some books.

Coming back through the intersection, I saw "the rest of the story," and pulled into the mall parking lot for a picture from another angle.

The black car had crashed through the back of the trailer and was still stuck INSIDE. Hanging out. Yikes.

The Mt. Pleasant police were there and a fire truck and an ambulance was pulling up so I stayed with my original plan and went into Blue's House of Wings and ordered 10 of their specialty, flavored with lemon pepper.

Later, I did phone the News Desk at The Post and Courier and was told I was the third person to call with pictures of that accident.

Guess I'm the retired news guy who missed the deadline. Good wings though.

(Click on the pictures for more detail.)

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