Sunday, June 01, 2008

Rock Around The Block...

The Cuban Block Party will be "officially" covered by The Post and Courier’s writers and photographers but I wanted to share MY impressions.

The weather was clear and balmy, the music was TOTALLY Latino and I felt transported. I had briefly visited Cuba many, many years ago and, suddenly I was back there again. This was a huge time - and culture - warp.

All around Marion Square, bodies were moving and swaying, the bass was pulsing and your feet just started moving, slowly at first and then, your hips went from side-to-side, and you were caught up in the beat.

Oh yeah, People watching was excellent for this non-dancer.

The Opener was Garage Cuban Band which had the crowd on its feet and, after a fast-paced interlude by DJ Luigi, Havanason took the stage and showed what Charleston brought to the party.

Augmented by talent from Miami, the 12-piece group played and sang and the joint was jumping!

I plan to be there again next year.

Or next week, if they stage it again.

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