Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A New Logo Has Popped Up...

"Blogger Event" was on a hand-written sign taped to the door so I climbed the stairs to a room over 39 Rue de Jean restaurant to learn about Charleston parks.

I'm a native and a blogger and was invited to come hear details on a new group that hopes to upgrade more than 120 parks and green spaces. They are starting in the City of Charleston and eventually, plan to encompass the entire area.

Mainly, we were told, parks are ignored or taken for granted until someone makes something happen. Central Park in NYC is a good example of citizen involvement that rescued a landmark park that had been sadly neglected.

I grew up a few blocks from where we were meeting and was amazed there were more than 100 parks in Charleston. It was explained that for every well known Hampton park or Colonial Lake, there are tiny pockets of greenery tucked into almost every neighborhood.

The CPC said that people can participate on many levels, even actual "digging in the dirt."

Since I enjoy - and blog about - live music concerts, maybe this movement will develop new venues for outdoor events. I'm glad I was invited.

Check out details on the new website at

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At Mon Jun 23, 04:04:00 PM , Blogger Liz Remus said...

You changed your layout!

I love parks. When I lived in Hanahan I would go to Wannamaker Park all the time. Unfortunately now I live in Summerville, which is wonderful except the lack of parks. Technically we are Dorchester County but we are part of the Charleston Community. I'd love it if you could voice our concerns :P


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