Friday, May 30, 2008

Eats Shoots And Leaves ...

No, this is NOT a story about a restaurant diner who pulled a gun and refused to pay for his meal. It is the headline I saw several years ago over a story about the eating habits of pandas.

I was reminded by a terrific Piccolo Spoleto Fringe show I enjoyed last night at Theatre 99, called “I Eat Pandas” featuring two VERY imaginative - and energetic - young ladies and their off-stage piano player.

In my role as a SpoJo (Citizen Journalist) I enjoyed the hour improv presentation which started with a whacky 30-minute skit inspired by the audience suggestion of “laundry.” A large clock on the stage allowed the audience to do a “count down.”

Glennis McMurray (L) (blonde) and Eliza Skinner then did an hiliarious 15-minute reprise of the main characters and, finally, a 5-minute wrap-up of what had become a musical. No, really. Both ladies sang well and the piano/harmonica accompaniment was excellent.

On the keyboard was Jonathan Wagner, a last-minute fill in, and - he said - a member of Second City.

They announced they were doing two more shows at the Meeting Street venue so go check them out. It’s a nice “Fringe” benefit.

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