Saturday, December 08, 2007

My Cell Phone Is Very, Very Old.

Since this blog is basically about Chuck + photography, every now and then it calls for a picture such as this.

The Post and Courier was celebrating its Bicentennial in 2003 and asked me to portray Lord Ashley Cooper.

Charleston old timers will remember Frank B. Gilbreth, a beloved local writer, who used that famous Cooper name over his Doing The Charleston column for more than 40 years. (He and his sister also wrote "Cheaper By The Dozen.")

I called around and found a theater company which had performed 1776 a few years ago and they let me borrow the coat, vest, ruffled shirt and collar and short pants. A local dance place sold me white tights and I found the perfect wig and even picked up some fake buckles to attach to my black sneakers.

Yes. I know that Ashley Cooper dates back to the 1600s but nobody had recently done a play for that period.

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At Sun Dec 09, 09:50:00 PM , Blogger joan said...

That is perfect!
My mother loved that Cheaper by the Dozen book...probably because she had 8 of us.


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