Friday, April 06, 2007

Lectures are nice but...

Peter Applebome. an editor and reporter for the New York Times, was in town to address a Communications class at the College of Charleston and a few local bloggers showed up.

Hey, the title of his talk was "All The News That's Fit To Blog"so how could we not?

The real lesson in communications happened AFTERWARDS upstairs at the Mellow Mushroom when Jared Smith introduced his sister whom he had not seen in 14 years. They appear happy spending a week visiting each other.

Tom, one of Jared's pals from college, and "Walk This Way" Joan and I enjoyed pizza and Boddingtons then squeezed together for another photo as Joan talked about growing up in NE India - "The Rainest Spot In The World."

Jared's sister lives in Portland, Oregon, which is not exactly the driest spot in America.

The thrust of the Times man's talk was, despite the transition in journalism tools such as typewriters and glue pots to computers and the internet, over the years, the goal is still getting it fast and getting it right. Present all the facts, both sides of the story and let the reader make an informed decision.

We now have more places to find out what's happening but each has its own bias.

He stated that the huge growth in blogging tends to splinter readers into seeking what they want to hear but - Peter hoped - in a time of national emergency or concern, the public will look for the most consistant and reliable source and he feels the NY Times will be there.

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