Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It was ALMOST invisible ...

See, I was living in Tallahassee, Florida and it was a nice looking house, except when you saw the big, black trash can sitting in the bushes by the gate. All week long it just sat there until garbage pickup day when you rolled it down to the curb.

All the neighbors had these large black trash cans too of course. Nice subdivision with probably 6 different patterns of houses and all the little changes here and there to make it appear more varied than they were. Different materials, some stucco, some brick, some wood.

Big UGLY trash can though. Caught your eye as you walked by. It really bothered me.

So one day while I was in my garage/workshop (the cars were always parked in the driveway) I was moving around my collection of $1 cans of spray paint that I had collected over the years and, in one hand I was holding green, the other was brown and I had an inspiration.

My then-wife thought it was dumb. Our 15-year old daughter didn't share her thoughts with her parents anymore. The City of Tallahassee had an immediate reaction.

That evening when I came home, there was a new big black trash can sitting at the curb. There was no charge for the new one.

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