Monday, September 25, 2006

A Fun Blog-nic and A Fund Raiser

What a nice busy weekend.
On Saturday, I drove out to James Island County Park to meet with fellow bloggers for our first "family style" gathering. The addition of small children running around was a new element not seen at the first Block, er, Blog Party that was held down by the Aquarium nor at the West Ashley dinner site up the street from the famed Cisco's - Mexican with a deck - on Sam Ritt. Kids and picnics seem to go hand in hand.

Instead of a group photo of everyone showing off their cameras, this time the discussion touched on the many advances in cell phones and we found mine was the only one that was low-tech...JUST a phone. No camera, GPS, games, etc. A useful, portable tool to call someone and just use to talk with them. Duh.

The next day, I drove out the same route on Folly Road all the way to Bowen's Island to listen - and participate - in a musical fund raiser to benefit Autistic Children and "Camp Good Times." Andy "Smoky" Weiner, local Blues harp player and singer, organized the event and said ROCK FOR THE KIDS raised about $1200-$1500 since all the food was donated by Mimi's Restaurant, the Bowen's Island Restaurant donated the site and even the individual band members paid their $10 admission.

At one point, Andy wandered down the pier to greet a boat that had just tied up with 7 people on board and he came back smiling with a check they wrote for the charity.

Andy Jennings had his accordian going full bore - and later brought out his keyboad - so there was some jumping Cajun Zydeco sounds waiting to happen.

The sun set on a good fun day for a good cause at a great waterside venue overlooking our beautiful Lowcountry marshes and the Stono River. Nice weekend!


At Tue Sep 26, 01:20:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was a great time, Chuck! Love the cellphone picture...absolutely loving it.


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