Wednesday, June 07, 2006

This Northern pig looks familiar...

During a Memorial Day weekend trip to New York City, I took time out from Broadway shows to roam around colorful Little Italy in Manhattan, searching for a particular New York Style Pizza. Imagine my surprise - and my double take - as I spotted a familiar corporate face from Charleston. I was "Sticking With The Pig" in the Big Apple.

I had the address of Lombardi's, a pizzeria that had opened in 1905 and was recognized for its fine pies and Neopolitan atmosphere. About 2-3 blocks from where a Peroni bier and thin crust hot slices covered with melted cheese and crisp pepperoni were waiting for me, a NYPD officer held us back on the sidewalk as a high school band marched past, horns blaring, followed by men proudly carrying banners and a large statue of a Saint.

I later found out the figure was St. Anthony and the occasion was a huge Italian Saint's Day block party and carnival. They had cordoned off about 4 blocks and set up booths for foods and games and the place was thronged with happy, laughing crowds of people of all ages. My eye went to a pork products booth and I saw the recognizable South Carolina icon logo. Hmm, now I wondered, who had it first? The Italians or the Pluffmudders? Was the highly vaunted trademark simply lifted from a ClipArt booklet? Was some high-priced ad agency paid handsomely to come up with this?

My long weekend in The City was filled with many diverse happenings and photo ops and I'll share some more with you later. Right now we should ponder if Piggly Wiggly is preparing to open stores a little further up the coast. What about Publix?

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At Sat Jun 10, 11:51:00 PM , Anonymous Joan said...

That is definately our Piggie!

At Wed Jul 12, 08:20:00 PM , Anonymous babbie said...

Yes, but which use came first? Pig execs should know. My father was spokesman for the Pig back in the 1950s when he worked at WCSC radio & TV. I know the Pig used that symbol at least 50 years ago.


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