Monday, April 24, 2006

Mug shot on my blog...and a great train trip!

I noticed that other blogs had photos of the author and tried to capture this shot and make it my image. How hard could it be to add a picture? Chuck + photography = Chuckography. Hell, I've got a college education!

But it eluded me and I still have not figured out how to add a mug shot to my profile.

The photo itself was taken by a friendly waiter aboard AMTRAK as I hurtled down the West Coast last year on a 30-day North American Rail Pass. The $480 senior off-season pass allowed me complete access to our national rail system for a month but I actually traveled on board trains only about 12 days.

For about what it would have cost to fly to visit ONE of my children, I was able to see all three: my older daughter in San Francisco, a son in San Diego and another daughter in Denver. More about the trip in another post and details on the Canadian portion.

Probably still WITHOUT a mug shot.

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