Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Day one as a blogger

Next month, on April 28, I will be middle aged...if I am fortunate enough to live to be 134.

Otherwise I am just part of the advance probe for the army of Baby-Boomers who soon will join me in retirement. I am still new at this retirement thing but I like it.

I told someone it was like being back in college: carefree, a little money in my pocket, lots of spare time and no huge responsibilities.

It was during that middle period between college and now that things got scary.

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At Wed Mar 29, 11:04:00 PM , Blogger amy said...

mr boyd,
best of luck with your blogging. you are far more technologically advanced than any of your children! I like the concept that your middle age is akin to college days. all you need is a vespa and you'll be USD re-deux! can you include some of your photograpy in your blogs? what's on your mind, sir?
have FUN!

At Thu Apr 06, 04:56:00 PM , Blogger Daniel said...

Welcome to the local blogosphere, Mr. Boyd. you'll find some links to additional local bloggers at the group site i administer, I'm going to try to set up some events for local bloggers soon and will keep you posted.

looking forward to that coffee next week. Tuesday sound OK?


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