Friday, July 10, 2020

OK...Exercise time...finally!

So, we now have been in the middle of a Pandemic FOREVER and the best AND healthiest bet we were advised to do was to be locked down in our homes.

All of the "old ways" are not available.

 NO bars, clubs, restaurants, or any music venues, indoor movies, or live shows.

Instead, wear a mask and wash our hands a LOT.

If you DO venture out, be socially distant from others.

My last haircut was 5+months ago and I have the beginning of a male ponytail! Yikes.

Well, a short one. So far.

So, some might recall that I have shown photos of my pretty neat exercise area downstairs.

That is what used to be my dad's carpentry and woodworking shop so it's quite spacious. No having to get dressed and trek out to the gym..even if one was open.

Now that downstairs area is a great place to work off some SIP (Stay In Place) frustration.

BUT, my treadmill had stopped working in February, and I bought a Bowflex Tread-Climber * to replace it.

That became a game-changer.

This machine did all that my old treadmill would do but, walking forward while the two panels rotated beneath my feet, the two panels also were rising and falling! Twice the fun. Twice the exertion.

I was still testing the TreadClimber out and slowly was adding minutes to the amount of time I was on it.

On the old treadmill, I was good for 30-minutes at about 3.2 mph. Nice start to a 45-minute sweaty workout.. 3x a week.

Now I was struggling with this new beast and lucky to get past 5-7 minutes before tiring..a lot.

So, I was NOT getting the exercise I needed.

All I had going for me was eating a lot of carbs, fats and sweets.

Bery bored, I was sitting at my computer for hours and staying up late watching tv and sleeping even later.

Yes, I gained back a LOT of weight.

The coronavirus stopped all of us in our tracks as it appeared slowly..then rapidly grew.

We were in deep trouble!

Months dragged by and the daunting machine downstairs had dulled my desire to get back into exercising!

I found on my brief visits to the nearby grocery store, I was filling my cart with Apple Turnovers and packs of fig newtons...and raisin chip cookies! NOY fruit and veggies!

And several loaves of bread. And bacon and eggs. A downward tasty spiral.

My bathroom scale would flash a message Hey, ONE AT A TIME or COME BACK ALONE.

OK, enough of this. 

I went and bought another treadmill....and changed my grocery shopping list.

Back to a pre-Covid-19 exercise machine that I knew I could handle!

My old routine had been a steady 3x a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I am back on that schedule now and am slowly getting my time on the machines back to where I was..when I weighed a lot less.

I ran out of the sweets I had been buying.

I am going to try the MAYO DIET that worked well for me in the past.

Oh, now that I am back in "gym mode" I tried to activate my ROKU so I can watch tv while I am exercising.

It would not work at first so I tried another newer remote changing device.  

I think it's safe to say the original one was a wee bit dated. I have NO idea what Mgo was all about?

I'll put in fresh batteries and see what happens then.

Thanks for stopping by while I was taking a break from exercise.

You know how we do on the photos and links for more details.

*HEY, if you're interested in a hardly-used Bowflex TreadClimber, I have one here for $400!

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