Monday, July 20, 2020

First to be onstage...again!

 OK, I DO stay up and watch the Late Shows on tv.

Since the pandemic, ALL late night hosts have retreated to their homes.

Zoom videos present guests on a split screen so it's "sorta" like what we were used to seeing in the wee hours.

Johnny Carson would be proud that HIS NBC Tonight show was the FIRST to come back into the studio!

Oh, Fallon was so visibly happy that it made me feel good with him!

And I am sure the other late-night hosts ..uh, wished him well! Yeah.

It WAS good to see a real stage setting again after watching "home movies" on the other shows.

Oh, Fallon used the split-screen to take congratulations from Governor Como and used some super-imposed dancers to liven up the the studio!

Kudos, Jimmy,  on being the first to remind us of what we have been missing in our LATE NIGHT viewing.

Stephen Colbert From Home has been a strain for him for months, missing the crucial audience feedback that inspires ALL performers.
Lately, he skipped using "hair product."

Stephen wanted us to see what hair treatment he has been fashioning for months and "let it all hang out" from his small set at home, aided by his wife and kids.

Colbert's humor is still spot on so keep watching. Maybe back soon in the Ed Sullivan Theater?

I usually do watch Colbert but happened to check NBC when I heard Fallon was back in his longtime Burbank  studio - still with no audience of course.

Another late-nighter I watch is A CLOSER LOOK...from home ... with Seth Meyers. (Click the link.)

He too, played down his hair growth until one night recently, he mussed it up to show what many of us are experiencing with barbershops being scary and/or closed.

I suspect Seth  COULD have hair & makeup people make adjustments just as I did when appearing as an Extra on tv shows filming here and in movies down in Savannah.

Of course, MY hair has not stood still either but I am NOT on tv weekday night.

Wanted to post that ONE show HAS returned to a Late Night tv set, but audiences have not been invited to attend in person.

It was really nice to see the Tonight Show band ROOTS live on stage with its host again.

It seemed like forever since we last saw a host with others!

You know how this works....
Click on the photos and any links for more details.

I wonder which show will "do a Fallon" next??

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